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What is ProjectT?

Tennis for a Brilliant Cause: rebuilding the lives of wounded military & their families.

Fisher HouseWe are raising £100,000 to fund a dedicated multi-sports rehabilitation facility for the Fisher House Project, accelerating healing and recovery for those seriously wounded in conflict zones around the world.


ProjectT is an offshoot initiative raising money for the Fisher House Project through the Royal Marines Association. To get in touch with the organisers, please e-mail Freddie at .

Fisher House

The Royal Marines are often the first to enter a conflict zone, frequently with limited time and intelligence to minimise risk. All to often risk materialises as a damaging event, and as Marines typically operate with limited protection, the consequences can be serious. To operate in this way requires courage and selflessness from those that every day serve to protect our way of life.

Water to LandLoss of life is still too frequent, but treatment that starts in the conflict zone and continues in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham allows specialists to save many of our dedicated and selfless Military, allowing them to repair and rebuild; body and mind.

The multi games facility we are funding at Fisher House will allow all Military patients to restart an active way of life as part of their rehabilitation programme with a range of individual and competitive team sports, with opportunities to play basketball, volleyball, rugby, handball, criket, and tennis; in fact, at least 12 sports are catered for.

Fisher HouseImportantly, in keeping with the theme and purpose of Fisher House, visiting family members will be encouraged to use the facility - particularly children, enabling them to play an active role in rebuilding family life.

By mid-2013, we need to have raised the £100,000 to fund this dedicated multi-games sports facility, with 100% of donations going directly to the project, so you can be sure that your contribution will be as well spent as it is welcome.

We believe there is enough commitement out there to help us meet our goal - will you join our challenge?